Long Beach August 10, 2014

Today I was driving home from work and decided to stop by a local donut shop. I don’t eat donuts often, I try to watch what I eat.

Having my sweet-tooth in full effect, I parked my car and was ready for a couple sprinkled donuts and a glass of whole milk.

As I stepped outside of my car I noticed a homeless man sitting in the shade about 20 feet away. His torn shoes, tattered jeans, and oily shirt hung on his saddened face. He wasn’t looking directly at me, he was just sitting there and looked so alone.

I have never been homeless, but I do relate to feeling that lonely. Wanting to to a good deed, I consciously decided that I would try to buy this man something to eat

I called out to him and asked him if he was hungry. He looked at me earnestly and said “Yes sir, I am.” I told him to come on inside with me. He appeared a little surprised at this gesture, but I held the door open for him and asked him to come inside.

As we entered, my senses started to flare with the sweet smell of sugary donuts. As we approached the front counter the tender looked a little dazed with this man walking up with me.

I asked the man what he wanted and he simply put, “I would love a ham and cheese sandwich.” I then told the tender that I would like 2 hand and cheese croissants, and 2 sprinkled donuts.

As the tender was getting the order ready I asked the man if he would like something to drink with his croissant. He looked around the available options and asked if he could have a root beer. I told him sure, and he proceeded to thank me for helping him out. I told him that it wasn’t a big deal and that everyone deserves something nice done for them every now and again.

When the order came up, I handed the man both hand and cheese croissants. He looked at me and said “Sir, this is to much food.” I replied to him, “Then save the rest for later.”

After I paid for the order he thanked me again for what I had done for him. He then proceeded to sit down at one of the tables in the donut shop and eat one his ham and cheese croissants.

Little does the man know that by allowing me to buy him a meal helps me much more than it may help him.

I walked out of there feeling really good about myself. The best part about doing this random act of kindness? It’s between him, me, and my Creator.

I hope this little random act of kindness inspires you to do the same for someone in need some time soon. Try it out, it feels good!

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